Partner Information

Overview of the partnership

In charge of the overall project coordination and administration is Pacificstream. They are experience in EU initiatives and have particular strengths in networking and project management.

The main academic institutions will be involved in the network and major activities of the project with them playing an increased role based upon the experience and knowledge of the major workpackages. Each institution will have the resources to become the national and EU ‘push’ for the project development and also being in charge of the major related activities – valorisation, review and assessment, content, testing and quality assurance.
The other partner institutions form the basis of the EU wide network and will be manged via a detailed management strategy. All are recognised experts in their field and have strong links at European, national and regional levels, through already well established networks. Several of the partners have specialist knowledge in the creative industries, industrial arts and the designer maker industry. Two of these partners have also established actual incubation in the specialist areas of digital content and the creative industries. The geographical spread of the partnership is also important to the project, including as it does, remote regions and areas of regeneration. For addition links to other networks and more significantly for the authorship and testing of the content a number of silent or associated partners will be used including the City Council of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia where the creative industries has a significant role in the regeneration of the city.
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