Leonardo Pilot Project

Welcome to the website for the VIC Leonardo Project. The purpose of this VIC Leonardo project was to examine ways in which virtual business development can support the early stages and growth of a creative company. Led by Pacificstream, a unique partnership of academic institutions and private sector companies from across Europe contributed to VIC. Twelve major European partners worked on this project that was completed December 2008. The VIC partners are now seeking further funding to develop the model, implement new interactive access to the content and 'roll' it out to creative enterprises across Europe.

The VIC Leonardo Project offers several innovative approaches. These can be summarised as technical, content and training innovation, specifically targeting entrepreneurs working in the broad field of ‘design’.

New material has been developed to support the growth of creative enterprises, encouraging best practice in an industry that is proven to have great potential for growth, yet one that is notoriously poor in implementing practical business processes. The VIC project nurtures the creative spirit as well as business skills, because creative entrepreneurs need both if they are going to succeed in this dynamic industry.

The keys aims of the project are to:

  • Address existing problems with generic business support which is not tailored towards creativity
  • Provide designers with ways of using their talents commercially
  • Encourage designers to work collaboratively and share innovative business solutions

The Project

This Leonardo Pilot project has developed a virtual business incubator/portal for the creative industries using innovative ICT. The project provides specific business support and training for start-up creative companies. Four key modules for the project are:

  • Provision of an online environment which offers a networking facility, and sign-posting to other reliable websites
  • A glossary of business terminology in 8 European languages
  • Contiuous content development
  • A training programme

The virtual incubator supports start-ups from the creative industry sector - those developing innovative enterprises within the art and design industries. Tested at an international level, the VIC incubator has been developed as a best practice model.

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related portals

OPENnetwork is a tool for the creative industry,

The purpose of OPENnetwork is to help everyone who is interested in design getting a thorough overview of this fascinating area.
Furthermore we give a wide variety of designers the opportunity of presenting themselves and their work for the public and their colleagues.

Situated in Aarhus, Denmark, LYNfabrikken is one of the country’s leading unions of creative entrepreneurs,
working within the areas of design, architecture and communication.
We strive to create the best opportunities for the 30 small companies joined under our roof,
to express their creativity – both through large co-operative projects and by providing excellent facilities for them to create their own products.

Furthermore, we arrange a wide variety of different workshops, talkshops, lectures and other arrangements related to design.
We would be really happy if you helped spread the word, and help this site get the recognition it deserves.
OPENnetwork is a tool for the creative industry.

It's all about inspiration, people and wonderful products. On this site you can find it all, and create collections of your favorites.
Membership of OPENnetwork is free of charge.

Contact jeppe@opn.nu if you would like to join, and get a presentation of you and your products.


Headspace – a creative community

Being creative and running a business do notalways go hand in hand. You need contacts,
support and knowledge about the basics, suchas marketing, finances and intellectual property.
For students approaching graduation, it can be especially overwhelming.
A web resource run by University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) aims to help students and
recent graduates overcome these problems, and to engage with the established local creative
business sector in the area.
‘As well as the technical side of the support offered, business
advice and so on, we realised that an essential component was also creating an online
community that will allow creative entrepreneurs to communicate with each other.
We would like students to start using it in their final year, to help them bridge the gap between
being a student and being out in the real world – it will help build contacts, share best practice
and ideas, and of course lessen the sense of isolation you can have if you start your own
business and are working alone. For established businesses, it will allow them to
meet up with fresh new creative talent, who will often have up-to-the-minute training and
lots of new ideas.’

For further information contact Ruth Smith



VIC Equality Statement

VIC partners are committed to providing equality for all, encouraging mutual respect, and promoting the benefits of diversity. No entrepreneur, trainer, learner or colleague will be discriminated against on grounds of their gender, disability, race, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief. The materials produced and learning methods promoted will be monitored and reviewed regularly by all partner organisations.

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